General terms and conditions of sales of €co²-LED bvba

1. Only the present terms and conditions of commercial sale of €co²-LED BVBA apply unless they are modified by €co²-LED BVBA in writing. They exclude all other terms and conditions or changes stipulated by our customers. Any conflicting conditions set out by the customer that are not expressly accepted in writing by co²-LED BVBA are hereby ruled out.

2. The amount of the invoice is always payable on the account of €co²-LED BVBA (Zonhoven, Bekerveldweg 14) at the latest on the due date on the front of the invoice, unless otherwise agreed in writing.  An advance of 35% of the amount will be invoiced upon signature of the order form and is payable within 7 days. The remaining 65% of the amount will be invoiced upon delivery and is payable within 30 days.

3. Each invoice will be deemed accepted by the debtor, unless protest was filed in writing and by registered mail within eight (8) calendar days after the invoice date.

4. In case of non-payment on the due date, the buyer will owe €co²-LED BVBA an interest that exceeds the statutory interest rate with 2%, from the due date until payment in full. This non-payment interest is calculated monthly and is legally payable without prior notice. Any amount that remains outstanding on the due date shall, without prior notice, be increased by a fixed penalty of 10%. Non-payment of one (1) invoice by its due date will result in all outstanding amounts becoming immediately due and payable. All costs of collection, court and protest are borne by the buyer. In case the amounts due remain unpaid for more than 30 days after the due date, or in case of protest, judicial composition or bankruptcy of the buyer, €co²-LED BVBA will be - automatically and without notice - permitted to suspend all services and deliveries, without any notification of default or judicial intervention being required, and without prejudice to its rights to claim compensation for any damage or loss suffered.

5. Delivery dates are provided by €co²-LED BVBA for information purposes only and are therefore not binding unless expressly agreed otherwise. The planned delivery period will be observed as far as possible but €co²-LED BVBA is not liable for any overshoot. A delay in delivery shall under no circumstances give rise to cancellation of the order and/or any right to damages.

6. The title to all goods delivered by €co²-LED BVBA shall pass to the buyer only upon payment in full of the purchase price, inclusive of interests and costs. The risk pertaining to the goods shall be transferred to the buyer as from delivery, irrespective of whether they have been paid or not. 

7. To be admissible, complaints concerning hidden defects or possible manufacturing errors must reach us by registered letter within 8 days starting from reception of the goods. Failing such a timely submission of complaints, all claims against €co²-LED BVBA shall lapse.

8. Our products are guaranteed by the guarantee given by its manufacturer. Any intervention, change or attempt to repair our products, without prior consent of ourselves, will render our guarantee invalid.

The client will advise us in writing, by registered mail and without delay of any event that will put to use our guarantee and supply necessary proof of the product being defective. The guarantee will only apply if our products have been used in normal circumstances or according to our instructions and will be void in case of defective installation or any other abnormal usage. In any case, this guarantee is limited to replacement of the defective product. The costs of disassembly and reassembly as well as other expenses, of any kind, are never at our expense. For the lamps the manufacturer gives 6 years. For the drivers the manufacturer gives 5 years, for the luminaires (excluding driver) the manufacturer gives 1 year.

9. Should doubts arise regarding the solvency of the buyer, €co²-LED BVBA reserves the right, even after partial expedition of goods, to require guarantees of the buyer for the proper execution of his obligations.  In the event that the buyer fails to comply, €co²-LED BVBA has the right to cancel the complete order or part of it, notwithstanding its right to compensation and interests.

10. Any disputes or complaints regarding €co²-LED BVBA’s invoices are governed exclusively by Belgian laws and shall fall within the exclusive competence of the courts of the legal district of Hasselt.