€co²-LED for retail

Advanced lighting can do much more than save energy and increase sustainability. It can create mood and atmosphere in and around a shop that surprises and pulls in passing shoppers. Lighting can give a shop a different look with the seasons, holidays or a new collection. Daylight is the most ideal light in terms of both light intensity and light quality (colour). This is not true for artificial light which only mimics actual daylight. €co²-LED lighting uses the latest technology to highlight the tiniest details in textures and colours so that they look as natural as they would in daylight.

Light has a beneficial biological effect on the body, it stimulates mood and social behaviour, and it enhances emotional wellbeing. We become aware of this effect when the sun reappears against a clear blue sky after a couple of cloudy days.



Appropriate lighting contributes to the overall shopping experience. It provides the special ambience that makes your store unique. It brings out the best in your merchandise, creates the mood that makes customers and staff feel good and enhances your whole brand experience. We can help you to make your store a more desirable destination, attracting shoppers in store, engaging them with lighting solutions and enhancing sales with the power of light.


Today, retail success depends on creating a relaxing environment in which customers can enjoy discovering the merchandise you have to offer. A unique shopping experience will encourage them to linger for longer and help them to feel at ease with your brand. And the longer they spend in your store, the more they’ll be inclined to buy.



The most common type of lighting in retail is fluorescent lighting. Compared to other lighting fluorescent lighting is quite CO² - and energy-efficient, but it produces a poor light quality, it contains hazardous substances and it emits radiation. In addition, the lifespan is not very long.



€co²-LED lighting has none of these disadvantages. Well on the contrary, our score on these levels is very elevated.



  • €co²-LED lamps provide a flicker-free light. This contributes to the overall shopping experience and encourages clients to spend more time, and buy more, in your store.


  • €co²-LED lighting uses the latest technology to highlight the tiniest details in textures and colours so that they look as natural as they would in daylight. 85% of all colours are rendered truthfully, whereas fluorescent lighting only attains 50%.


  • €co²-LED lamps have a lifespan of 60,000 hours. Traditional fluorescent lamps, however, only last for 12,000 hours. This will make you save considerably on maintenance as  €co²-LED lamps require up to 5 times less replacements.
  • €co²-LED lamps have very low power consumption making you save up to 60% saving on energy costs and CO² emissions. Through the EU climate plan, the European Union aims at reducing the emissions of CO ² and energy consumption with 20% by the year 2020. Be one step ahead with climate-friendly stores that reduce energy usage and your carbon footprint!


The long lifespan, the excellent light quality, the low energy usage and carbon emission make €co²-LED lighting your best choice.